Humqadam is committed to Ensure
Inclusive Access to Toilets for
Young Boys in Government Schools in
Punjab Province

29th Jan 2019

Written by: Amina Nasim Khan-Humqadam/Islamabad and Syed Ashas Ali-Humqadam/Islamabad
Source & Photos credits: Syed Ashas Ali-Humqadam/Islamabad

Government High School (GHS) 54 GB Jaranwala is located in district Faisalabad of Punjab Province. The only high school where 687 young boys from adjoining villages attend school. GHS 54 GB is deemed to be failing to offer even a basic standard of hygiene and sanitation, as there is not a single toilet in place. At times of need the students either go back home to use the toilet or are forced to practice open defection in the close by fields. Most of the students miss school days as they have no privacy and are also unable to wash hands and keep themselves clean after they use toilet in open outside the school.

Humqadam-SCRP has addressed the basic needs of the school children by proving 12 new classrooms and nine new toilets out of which one toilet is for the differently abled persons. The students and the teachers are able to concentrate on their studies with the provision of new classrooms. They are able to keep themselves clean after using toilets.

Senior teacher Malik Adnan shared, “Neglecting toilet needs is to be careless with the wellbeing and health of children. Students may not come to school at all if there's no toilets ... Then, when they are at school, they are not going to it at their very best if they are not able to use a decent toilet or if they are not properly hydrated."

“Not having a single toilet in school, students use it as an excuse to go back home and most of the times they don’t return. Teachers also find it difficult during school hours to look for toilet facilities where there is none available. Now that we have best quality functional toilets in our school, it will help us to retain children at school all day long. I believe it will hopefully have positive impact on the overall grades of the students.” views shared by the Head teacher Muhammad Afzal

Fakhir, a student of grade five shared his experience, “Before Humqadam provided new toilets in our school, I felt extremely uncomfortable and shameful to urinate outside school sometimes in the bushes, sometimes next to the boundary wall, and my hands also remained dirty. It was indeed stressful concentrating on lessons. Since November 2018, we have exceptionally good condition toilets, our honor is upheld and I am able to study throughout the day without feeling shameful.”

Humqadam School Construction and Rehabilitation Programme is the UK aid’s largest schools’ infrastructure programme providing classrooms and toilets in government schools in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab provinces. As of January 2019, Humqadam-SCRP has completed construction of 377 new classrooms and 150 new toilets in 129 schools in District Faisalabad, Punjab province.