Revival of a Conducive Learning
Environment in Most Remote Rural
Setting of Punjab province by Humqadam-SCRP

12th February 2018

Written by Syed Abdullah Hameed
Photos credits: Syed Abdullah Hameed, Humqadam/Islamabad

Students are Back at Government Primary (GPS) Mirzapur, Sialkot District of Punjab Province

Everyday students of Government Primary School (GPS) Mirza pur, Sabz Pir, Pasroor, of Sialkot District in Punjab province, walked three kilometers to reach their school irrespective of weather conditions. The school is very close to the line of control (Pakistan-India boarder). A poorly lit single room structure with a boundary wall, the school was a scene of sheer neglect and parents were also reluctant to sending children to school. Most of the parents pulled their children out of GPS Mirzapur and made them study informally at village Maktab. This arrangement saved their commute time but with students lost their interest in studies. Due to increasing dropout and declining attendance, the local authorities decided to consolidate the school with close by Government Primary School Bloor, thus increase the commute time.

Right before the merger the school was nominated to receive infrastructure support from Humqadam-SCRP. After conducting the Baseline survey adopted the school and its need was determined.

“We are so happy to have regular school back again. The Maktab was informal setting, children were non serious they used to go back home. The new classrooms at school have been really helpful in retaining students at school during school hours.”– Fouzia Parvaiz, school teacher, GPS Mirzapur, Sialkot District

Humqadam-SCRP adopted the school in March 2016 and constructed three new classrooms and a toilet block with two cubicle for students. GPS mirzapur which was once consolidated in another school was handed over as an independent regular school in September 2017. The school building was made accessible to differently abled children with provision of a ramp.

“The school’s new building has been major attraction for the community, now parents are willingly sending their children back to school. Humqadam has given a hope to rebuild our children’s future!” –Rehana Rehmat, Head Teacher, GPS Mirzapur, District Sialkot

Humqadam-SCRP has set the pace for an all-inclusive learning culture in 316 completed schools across Punjab province as of January 2018. An additional 272 school are under construction which will provide improved educational experience for children. All of the schools provisioned by Humqadam-SCRP are mandated to have at least one ramp and wheelchair-accessible toilet cubicle. A strong message of inclusiveness and accessibility is being sent to the community and the education stakeholders to ensure all children, with and without disability, are a part of the education system.