Leading Construction Companies
Connect with Humqadam in Lahore

5th May 2016

More than 50 leading construction companies attended an Orientation for Contractors organized by Humqadam-SCRP in Lahore. The purpose of the orientation was to introduce prospective contractors and partners to the Humqadam-SCRP Programme, its principles and procedures. The orientation session is an important step for Humqadam-SCRP as the Programme prepares to enter its second phase.

In a hands-on presentation by Humqadam-SCRP’s Infrastructure and Communications Teams, participants were given a guided tour to the Programme’s ongoing journey of improving education environments in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s public schools.

Members of the Infrastructure Team took the participants through the various innovative construction techniques Humqadam-SCRP is using to build comfortable and lasting classrooms. The Programme’s Infrastructure Team relayed how it works closely with all its contractors and partners in the implementation of these innovations. This presents a unique opportunity for contractors to learn from Humqadam-SCRP’s team of highly skilled engineers and enhance their capacity on internationally-acclaimed construction practices.

Prospective contractors were also given an orientation of the prequalification and bidding process. This included a run-through of the applications and criterion for prequalification. Transparency and quality are at the core of Humqadam-SCRP’s principles and procedures. Participants were introduced to the Programme’s School Project Information and Tracking System (SPITS) – a state-of-the-art Management Information System that allows the Infrastructure Team to track progress of all construction activities across KP and Punjab. This helps bring clarity on the ongoing work, and minimises the scope for mismanagement and corruption.

Two of Humqadam-SCRP’s current construction partners Astral Constructors and SmarTek also spoke to the participants about their experiences of working with the team. Speaking for Astral Constructors, Mr. Mohammad Ahmed told the gathered participants that his company’s experience working with Infrastructure Team has been quite positive. He also told them that any prospective contractors unsure about financial assistance and timely payments – a major obstacle in construction projects in Pakistan – should rest assured that Humqadam-SCRP are meticulous in their financial treatments and that Astral has never had any difficulties about payment processing.

Ms. Shahrukh of SmarTek echoed Astral’s experiences of enjoying working closely with the Humqadam-SCRP team. She lauded the team’s professional attitude and the assistance it extends to its partners.

She said, “For a C5-level construction company like SmarTek, working with an organisation like IMC Worldwide and its team of engineers has helped raise our profile and assisted in our capacity development. We are using this relationship as an opportunity to learn and grow.”

“Our connection has become more than just construction. We feel like we’re part of something special: building better classrooms for children and helping improve our country’s education system.”

Mr. Ahmed also told the participants that Humqadam-SCRP is different from other construction and infrastructure projects, and even the contractors can feel that.

He said, “Our connection has become more than just construction. We feel like we’re part of something special: building better classrooms for children and helping improve our country’s education system.”

Spread over two hours, the orientation was an occasion for prospective contractors to connect with the Programme teams, understand the Programme and prepare themselves for the ongoing Prequalification process. As the Programme moves into its second phase – in 4 new districts in Punjab and 3 new districts in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa – this orientation will help add partners to Humqadam-SCRP’s cause of improving Pakistan’s education infrastructure.

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