Humqadam is contributing in Easing
the Burden of Overcrowded
Government Schools in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province by Constructing New Classrooms and Other Infrastructure Facilities

4th Feb 2019

Written by: Amina Nasim Khan and Farhana Riaz-Humqadam/Islamabad
Source & Photos credits: Syed Ashas Ali and Farhana Riaz-Humqadam/Islamabad

Government Girls Higher Secondary School (GGHSS) Rashakai is situated in a small town near the Nowshera-Mardan road in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) province. In recent economic development, Rashakai is considered as an economic hub for KP as the local people are involved in cloth trading, agriculture and transportation business. The school was very overcrowded as seven classrooms were not enough to accommodate all 1,154 students. The teachers were not able to deliver their lectures clearly and the students became demotivated. This has negatively affected the overall academic performance of the students.

Humqadam-SCRP adopted GGHSS Rashakai in January 2016 and provided one additional block which comprised of 17 new classrooms, seven toilets, a principal’s room, a staff room, a library, two science laboratories and a clerk’s office. The design of the school was elaborated in a collaboration of international and local experts. The new block in GGHSS Rashakai has a ramp access, this slight modification is a low cost physical access solution to provide accessibility for mobility impaired persons. Besides the new construction, seven existing classrooms, three science labs, an IT lab, and a chowkidar hut were also rehabilitated to a higher standard. The change in the infrastructure has a positive impact on the daily lives of the students and teachers. Humqadam-SCRP has contributed in much reducing the overcrowding issue in the classrooms; now the student classroom ratio has been reduced to 56:1, from 164:1.

“I am studying at this school for the last two years. I have witnessed the construction of the new building. My fellow students and I were excited to sit in the new classrooms, we like our new classrooms and we have decorated them with informative charts and posters. We are very thankful to Humqadam that they made this building for us.” – Nadra Sikander Khan, a student of grade eight at GGHSS Rashakai

“Overcrowding was a major issue in our school. Earlier as a teacher, due to noise from the surroundings I used to lose concentration while teaching. The noise was quite disturbing for the students as well. I used to struggle to discipline the students. Quality of teaching and learning was lost. The new classrooms have enabled the school management to make three sections of each grades which has made our jobs easy. We are able to deliver the lectures easily without any disturbance and students are more focused towards their studies. I can see positive change in the behaviors of both teachers and students.” –experience shared by senior science teacher at GGHSS Rashakai, Ms. Tabassum.

Humqadam-SCRP has completed construction in 13 government schools in District Nowshera, KP, all are Higher Secondary Schools, where 71 new classrooms and 68 new toilets were constructed and 156 classrooms and 91 toilets were rehabilitated to a higher standard, as of 1 February 2019.